Thursday, January 24, 2008

missed one from eccentricity!

This silly little guy has captured my heart. I almost threw him away but kept redoing him until I finally decided he was a "keeper". He was actually an experiment in copper "inclusions" whereby you place pieces or stips of thin copper sheeting between two layers of clear glass and then fuse in the kiln. His head and tail are examples of this process. His boney body is light green and light blue opaque glass with bits of dichroic glass and stringers added for accent. His facial features are also dichroic glass with the exception of his red nose. I originally planned to have him hanging up but the weight of his head made him hang unevenly so I covered the little hanger with colored threads and placed a rectangular wall hanger on his back. He is a fun fish and looks cute on the wall either alone or in a grouping.

I also love her fraggles!!!! He's the cute little guy with the hair!

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