Sunday, January 27, 2008

from artglassfusion

I just love all this recycling stuff.
This lovely barrette is from artglassfusion. There's never a good reason to throw glass away!
"This multi hued and shimmering barrette is my second entry in the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy’s January challenge. The theme for this challenge is “recycled”. This barrette stared out as part of a large tray that unfortunately went a wry.
The process of layering clear glass and the base glass can trap tiny air bubbles between the layers, which does not affect the structure of the barrette, but adds to the uniqueness of each and every barrette.
This barrette is approximately 3 ½” X 1 ¼” "


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Karin22smiles said...

Hi there! I LOVE so many of your items! I especially liked the snowflake & recycled wine bottle pieces, along with 'clearly your valentine' and the aceo fused snowman, along with many others. I would be interested in placing orders for a couple custom designs based on ones already on your etsy site. How do we go about making that happen? Thanks!

papernclay said...

My email address is, you can contact me there with specifics. Thanks for looking!!