Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Polymer clay olive tutorial

I'm having a great time with these little gems! In the spirit of sharing I wrote this tutorial!

roll a ball of olive colored clay, exact size of a real olive is perfect. I then use a knitting needle to hollow out the center of the olive ball. Make sure it's big enough you can always squeeze it ssmaller around the squared off piece of bright red clay which will be your pimento. If it's too long just slice it off. Don't forget to turn it around and put the little X on the bottom. Pirece it for using in a necklace or earrings....done!!! Enjoy! Give them as a gift and sign- 'Olive U!!'


pollyhyper said...

Awesome job! Maybe you'd like to "donate" this to the newsletter at some point? Let me know!

papernclay said...

I'd be thrilled Polly! Anytime!