Saturday, April 12, 2008

my pot melt

Something relatively new to me. I've tried this technique in glass fusing called pot melt. Bringing glass to liquid state at a temperature of 1700 degrees to have it ooze onto a clay pot beneath it. As it moves from one to the other it creates it's own pattern. They're like fingerprints, no two alike. I have created a grid of brass wire to stack my glass on and ultimately have it fall through....didn't work! Seems the brass weakens and falls into the glass. My bud smokeylady54 on etsy, a fellow glass worker and super swell person, suggested her lampwork mandrels as a base for the grid. That worked, here's my pot melt, now, what to do with it, how to cut it, grind it, make it into a finished piece is the question.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

GetGlassy said...

Very cool pot melt. I bought a piece of stainless steal screening to try the same thing. Resting it right on the saucer edge is a good idea.