Saturday, September 29, 2007

clay extrusion

I'm on a roll with the tutorials!!! I belong to a beginners clay site and we've been kicking around the skinner blend look in an extrusion. I hope these pictures help. Note the disk I used, how I arranged the clay going into the extruder,how thick the colors of clay are in the log, and the contrast in the colors I used. Those are the few things I think are most important. I'll try to use the extrusion 'spaghetti' clay in something and post a picture soon.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Skinner blend is another technique that I am intriqued by but have yet to master! I'm planning to try this method. Always wondered to you clean the clay out of the extruding gun--wait for it to dry & chip it out?

papernclay said...

it won't ever dry I don't think. They're nasty to clean. I use needles,blades,brushes, you name it, that's the only bad part about this process.

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

Have you tried the Makin's "Ultimate Clay Extruder"? It's a dream! No deformed hands from trying to push out the plunger, since you just turn the top, and it's fairly easy to clean, too. I found mine at AC Moore here in NC, but I bet Michaels will have it too. It comes with 20 discs, including the one you showed in your photos.
Thanks for showing the technique...gotta try it sometime!