Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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I have been tagged by This is new to me so I hope I'm playing by the rules properly

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8 random papernclay facts

1. I am one of five children in my family. I have 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. We were born in five years. My mother was 18 when she had my oldest brother and had child every year for 5 years. At 23 she had 5 children. She was amazing!!!

2. I spent 8 months living in Okinawa, Japan. I was married to a Marine and I followed him to his station there in 1979. It was a very eye opening experience for me. It really changed the way I dealt with things.

3. My relationship with my mother was the most valuable in my life. She was kind of like an undiscovered Mother Theresa. I've learned so much from her, not by what she taught me but by the example she set for me.

4. One of the neatest craft projects I participated in was a quilting round robin. I've done 2 of them and both were terrific. A round robin is whe you start a quilt and pass it on to the next person. They add something to your started piece then pass it on to the next person. In bothe the round robin's I played in there were 3 people. After each person added to your quilt it is returned to you and you finish it off.

5.I have 2 children. Rachel 18 and Jerry 9. They are my greatest joy and my greatest pain!!!I'm just learning I need to let go of my daughter. She's so much like me it's unbelievable.

6. I work with the children in my church. I teach children's church 3 out of 4 Sundays. I have the third Sunday of each month to listen. It's very rewarding.

7.I believe God has plan for me but I haven't found it yet. I keep looking but I'm not finished, or I should say He isn't finished yet.

8. I hate housework too!!! I'd much rather be claying or glassing or folding paper!

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