Saturday, October 11, 2008

rubber stamps and fusing tutorial

It's so easy and you probably have tons of rubber -or clear- stamps around the house already.
I use a regular stamp pad- doesn't even have a brand name on it because I got it at Micheal's in a combination pack with a clear stamp sheet for christmas. I honestly have used other stamo opads and they all work.
I simply clean the glass and stamp on it. While the ink is still moist, sprinkle your enamel powder over the ink and tap it off.(exactly like embossing paper)
Afdter that just give it a quick fuse and use the sheetas you would normally. You can layer them, color them with other enamels, use with dichroics, make ornaments, the possibilities are endless.
I can't take credit for this I read about it somewhere, can't remember but I did experiment and find what works for me. Love to see what you do with the technique.

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